ONE is the loneliest number… Brain Dripping

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When the Philadelphia Eagles got to the playoffs, the team adopted the “One” mentality: One City, One Team, One goal. It’s presumed that the one goal is a championship. Banners were hung. T-Shirts were made. Players were supposed to flash each other the “number 1” sign. All in all, it wasn’t a great promotion (What about the OTHER Philly teams?) and it never really caught on (outside of die-hard Iggles Fans). It’s really tragic now that they’ve lost the superbowl. Makes me want cry really. I’m sure it’ll get me fired up again next season, but until then… One truly is the loneliest number.

  • The song “One” was written by Harry Nilsson & made famous by Three Dog Night who had it peak at #5 on the billboard charts in early April 1969. This version was recorded by Aimee Mann for the Magnolia soundtrack.
  • In the first season of The Linc I took my camera and documented the fun… including the Eagles Fight Song!
  • This project required authenticity. The “one is unity. one is the heartbeat of this team…” text was actually stolen from a promotional Flash animation from
  • The graphics were swiped from around the web. They were all used without permission. Feel free to contact me for any and all legal matters. Note: This is not a commercial website, and I don’t make anything off of these blatant copyright infringements.
  • The text that scrolls by quickly lists all of Philadelphia’s teams’ championship losses since the last time a Philly team won “The Big Game” – the 1983 76ers. Interestingly, every single championship loss since then has involved the other team repeating. The Oilers beat the Flyers twice (And repeated both times), The Bluejays beat the Phillies to win their second straight. The Flyers also lost to Detroit who when on to repeat. The Sixers lost to the Lakers who were winning their second championship in a row. And now the Pats have won two in a row. I wonder what they’ll call this curse. . .
  • No Eagles were harmed in the making of this animation.

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