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Introducing… Ethan Canner!

And if you’ll look to your left, you’ll see a picture of Ethan Canner and his wife Beth. That’s Ethan on the left. The giant green woman in the middle is perhaps Hillary Clinton… we’re not sure.

I’ve known Ethan since college at Lock Haven University. We met in the computer lab which is where we would be spending most of our days anyway. We were both computer science majors, but the internet was so much more interesting than C++ that it should come as no surprise to you that neither one of us graduated C.S. I switched to Business Management while Ethan went for Music which was always one of his passions. He ended up following up his LHU education by getting his Master in electronic music from Northern Illinois University.

Though our classes suffered for our internet addictions, our education never did as we had new and interesting things to learn, like how to use chat programs and how to create web-pages. Both of our original web sites (Mine & His) are still up and running. We both also made pages for some of the clubs we were in, but unfortunately those have gone the way of the trilobite. Ethan’s current web page can be found at the most obvious of URLS: WWW.ECANNER.COM!

The lovely lady above is Elizabeth Canner. Ethan & Beth also met at LHU and were married in 2000. I had the ultimate privilege of being Best Man at their wedding! Mayhaps one day I’ll get married too. =] Beth had an old-school homepage too, but unfortunately it is gone. If I remember correctly, it was, like so many homepages of the time, mostly pictures of cats and family members. How I miss the innocent days of internet youth! The Canners currently reside in Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania with their two little cats Kara & Macavity.

It takes nearly 6 hours to get to Phillipsburg from here so we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to, but we still communicate by our own patent-pending method that Ethan coined "E.M." or Eventual Message. It’s like I.M. but since we’re both online all day we don’t necessarily see the message right away, but we will… Eventually! When we do hang out we sometimes travel like in the picture above. We did the tourist thing and took the Ellis Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty in NYC. Whee!

Anyway, that’s my basic Ethan summary. ‘Till next time!

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