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Ericles.com – A history!

February 12, 2000
Ericles.com registered with Dotster for $15. I also registered six other domains at the time intending to give them away as gifts throughout the year. Only one still stands: www.ecanner.com. I bought it for Ethan & Elizabeth Canner as a wedding gift. Home sweet homepage!
February 14, 2000
Celebrated Valentines day by signing up with Interserver.net to host the websites I had registered a few days before. They gave me a bulk rate of $50 to host all 7 of my sites. Not bad as this was before one could easily host multiple websites from one account. Things like domain forwarding and parking were foreign to me. The first version matched my now ancient site but I eventually changed it over to the flash based menu system that is still available here today.
May 28, 2003
Fed up with lack of customer support from my host (and email often being down) me and Ethan (who now owned ecanner.com) switch to el-cheapo hosto maximoso Webhost2.com. They were only $5/month which was a far cry from the $50 I was spending. Unfortunatly, with these kinda things you often get what you pay for.
August 25, 2004
Even though I had pre-purchased another 7 months with Host2, I couldn’t take all of the downtime – especially with the email server which was down as much as it was up. I had a few people who were using my account as their primary emails and I couldn’t be having with them losing emails because I was too cheap to spring for more than $5/month. SO, after researching at webhostingtalk I made the switch to JaguarPC.com.
February 4, 2005
I’m typing this out and hoping to get enough of this new-fangled web thing complete so that I can upload it and make the first real overhaul since the last millenium.
May 5 , 2005
Today. I’ve finally compiled enough content to go gold. So, switch the index names, and Version 4 is official! Please look around. Mi webcasa es su webcasa. Thanks for reading!
May 31, 2006
This short history lesson used to be kept in the News Archive for some reason, but I’ve compiled enough updates that I needed the archive for … well, an archive. It’s been an exciting year for us webheads. Thanks for reading, living, loving & learning!
May 28, 2007
I cut over to the new WordPress powered blog system. A busy webmasters gotta do what a busy webmasters gotta do. Updates are good, umkay?

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