Cat Poo! (A tale told in reverse) News

The cat pooped in her litter box last night! Heather scooped it and displayed it proudly singing “It’s Beautiful!”
Cat Poo
And it was.

But boy did it stink!

Last night I tossed out her medicine because I just couldn’t take The Poisoning any longer. You see, giving my cat medicine (by eye dropper) requires several steps which read much like the old “how to give a cat a pill” email. She thinks it is poison and she’s probably at least half right. Getting her to take the medicine wasn’t so bad the first day or two but by day 4 she wouldn’t come out of hiding. She just sat under the bed or coffee table and hated on me. This forced me to violate the safe haven of Underbed which I hate doing. Cats (especially those of the Fraidy variety) need a place they can feel safe and I took that from Smechy, forced her to down more horrible poison, then threw the bottle away and proceeded to hate on myself in case she got tired of doing it herself.

Four days ago, with many glove’d veterinarian hands all about her, the prospect of a second enema in 2 days scared the shit out of her. Literally. Right there on the table at the vet’s. I was so proud! The vet sent her home with me that day but told me that I should keep administering the medicine until she went pooper again and if she hadn’t made magic by Friday then it was time for a follow-up and probably time to make friends with more enemas. It’s no fun to be catstipated.

The day before Heather was kind enough to get up at 6 AM to make the 40 minute drive to the Animal Hospital to pick up our patient. Why so early? So folks can pick up their pets before work of course! Does it matter that this was a Saturday? Nope. Heather brought with her the mucousy medicinesque mess that our konstipated kitty loathed so – and so the dosings began thrice daily.

The night before, in the wee hours of the morning Heather & I devoted our Friday night to sitting with the poor timid kitty on the cold stone floor of the Animal Hospital. Smech hadn’t scratched out a fouler in nearly a week, was eating very little and had taken to hiding most of the day. Finally the good doctor returned with X-Rays of cat poo! Smech was impacted, but the Doc had seen worse. Smech would be spending the night, receiving treatment & released at 7 AM the next morning.

The moral of the story is… If your cat is constipated and might need a vet in the next few days go ahead and make the appointment. If she does some fine littering then you just cancel the appointment… otherwise you’re already set and don’t have to pay egregious emergency catastrophe fees.

Whew. That was a long way to go just to get to the beginning of the story…

But all the poo is worth it… in the end.

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