Hillary Clinton & the Sunny Palace News

Apparently I’m the only only blogger writing about Mrs. Clinton’s visit in the Garden State last night. Here’s the story:

I’m out on a date with my wife at the eatery of her choice: Sunny Palace featuring fine Chinese cuisine. We pulled into the parking lot which was just packed and were surprised to find the one section vacant except for a police cruiser which was just pulling out, one limousine and one black SUV. None of this seemed too odd but I wondered if there was a private party and I wasn’t allowed to park here. Sure enough, while I was futzing with the radio I heard a wrapping on my window, rolled it down and was greeted with a secret service badge. The conversation went like this:

Man with badge: “Could you stay in your car for a moment sir.”
Me: “Sure. What’s going on?”
Man with badge: “Hillary Clinton is in the building.”
Me: “No kidding.”
Man with badge: “Just stay in your car until we leave the lot.”

So we did. While waiting I took the opportunity to notice the extra pair of American flags that had been draped here and there. After about a minute they pulled away. We went inside and found a festive atmosphere of post-rally enthusiasm. Mrs. Clinton had been garnering support (for or from) Asian Americans and there were bumper stickers and buttons all over. A bus load of supporters had been carted in from DC & professional musicians from… violin world? It must have been a real gala event. Hopefully Hillary has finally make up for prior mistakes. Not that I blame her. It seems the Asian American community might be getting oversensitive.

Once the hubbub died down we found a table and enjoyed a good meal. Heather ran into a student of hers having a birthday party and learned that we missed an opportunity for photos with the former first lady. Oh well. I would have had way too much fun with that photo anyway. My dad would have had a coronary. 😉

But it was good to see Capital Hillary again. Well, the back of her getting into a limo anyway. I had seen her speak once before while I was in high school and she was plugging for her hubby while he was still in the primaries in 1992. That’s nearly half my lifetime ago already. I feel old! Good thing I chose to open my fortune cookie last night…

“You will have a long and healthy life.”

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