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There actually is a grain of truth to those Google related spam traps. Big G just sent me a check for a little over $100. This is the amount that I’ve earned in the past 14 months since I signed up for Adsense – Google’s text based ads appear on a few of my pages and if anyone clicks them I get paid!

I hooked up with the free service StatCounter a bunch of years ago. They let me know which of my pages are the most popular as well as a slew of other stats regarding who’s visited, how many times, etc. What I learned was that 95% of my hits were to pages inside my Ego-Surfing cache. Once upon a time I used to collect references to myself that popped up on the net. It’s called “ego-surfing”. I created a page of all the funniest/most impressive links that reference someone named “Eric Dalton”. Years later I went back and noticed that many of the links had gone down and were gone forever so when I redid the page I saved the pages & put them in my Ego Link Cache.

As years went by the original pages vanished and MY version of the page became the only reference on the internet to a sometimes quite obscure topic (Sonoluminescence for example). At one point if you searched Yahoo for “gospel stage plays” I was the #1 link! Someone sharing my name had posted a message in a forum regarding “Madea’s Family Reunion” and other gospel stage plays by Tyler Perry. When the original forum went down my page became a top source of information on the topic. Cool! I never thought of using the cache that way, but I’m happy to provide a service, albeit a tiny one, to the www at large. The nice part is that if I put an ad on that page with links to related information the searchers have even more options. Even better – I get a few cents for every link clicked.

Over the months I included ads on 7 pages. The Tyler Perry information is my top draw and biggest earner but the quickest way to earn me a buck is to download one of Google’s software offerings from my referrals page. Thanks for reading, and thanks Adsense for giving something back to the little guy!

Google’s Adsense Program
Eric’s Referral Page

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