Monthly Archives: December 2008

Final Football Wrapup! News

I failed to totally jinx myself! Here’s the rundown:

Midnight Stalkers: I got crushed. 2nd place isn’t bad though. Stupid DeAngelo Williams.
WW GNU League: Victory! The title stays with our department and I win the cashito!
Multi-State Showdown: I actually hoped to lose, but I seem to have won. Oh well. 🙂
Open Sports Test League: Victory! Because I played with the site in beta testing they say I’ll get free use for life. Hopefully they’ll get the bugs worked out by then.

Ok, so 6 leagues, 4 championship games, 3 championships. Not too shabby!

I’m planning on joining less leagues next year but of course I said that last year too. . .

Fantasy Football Report 2008 News

Every year I post a report a few times during the season and unfailingly it jinxes me. This year shall be no different, except I’m jinxing myself as I play for the championship in 4 of the 6 leagues I joined.

Midnight Stalkers: 2nd seed. Playing for the Golden Meatball.  9-4-1
WW GNU League: 5th seed. Playing for cold hard cash & to keep the championship in our department.  8-5
Multi-State Showdown: 2nd seed. Playing for the Trophy and a 4-peat. Crazy! 9-5
Geocachers League: 2nd seed, but only because the 1 seed played me without my RB & WR. Bounced in the first round by a terrific game by the 3rd seed.  11-2
Yahoo Champions League: Formed of previous Yahoo league champs, I had a tough season and finished 5-9 though I was 5th in total points. Sometimes it’s more about luck than a good draft.
Open Sports Test League: 1st seed and playing for the championship. This league was just a beta-test of the new site. 10-4.  I didn’t pay too much attention in this league.

Ok, so 6 leagues, 4 championship games. I’m hoping to pull off upsets in the first two.

So wish me luck… I’ll post an update tomorrow or Tuesday with the results!