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Throwing away 15 years for $2.10. News

My favorite use for this site is venting when I’m pissed so here goes: I’m through with Citibank. They were my first credit card and the only ones who took a chance on the stupid kid with no credit but at some point they got complacent. They made deals with third party “credit protection” folks who, while probably legit back in 1994, are certainly not any longer.

12 years ago I subscribed to a $15/year “credit protection” service paid every 3 years. The credit cards weren’t really doing much protecting yet and the service seemed like a good deal as I kept “losing” my wallet. After a few years I stopped receiving updates from the service. I’m guessing they got snapped up by one of the scammer groups. Anyway, 6 Years ago I canceled the service because the credit cards were watching their own backs. 3 years ago I got charged again despite the cancellation. It was difficult to find out who the hell these people were too. If they were still even REMOTELY legit I’d at least get an invoice. I disputed the charges and they got reversed. Bravo.

In the past 3 years I have moved, changed my phone number & my credit card number has been changed not once but twice because the stupid internet vendors are unable to keep my number private. You’d think that any subscription service would be out of luck, right? I mean month-to-month on Napster got screwed up… now could a once-every-three-years survive?

Not without help from the credit card company of course! Because Citi has facilitated these scammers (and “earned” approximately $2.10 on the transaction). And because the amount hasn’t been credited as I requested when I called them. And because I was given the run-around and spontaneously disconnected twice.  And because they didn’t send me the statements from 3 years ago like I requested last week. And because their interest rate is up to 20%. But mostly because they like to change my billing date, refuse to stop sending me balance transfer “checks”, charged fees for “forwarding” my Napster subscription to the new new number and drop charges on top of the interest for being a day late (while closing their business day whenever they feel like it).

So, see ya Citi. Hope you get a lot of happiness out of your $2.10 because you sold me out for the last time.