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Dried-Up Brain Drippings (The Archives)

Fantasy Football Wrap-up 2005
How did my grand experiment end and, more importantly, who's this Zeke guy?
Where is Ruleville Mississippi?
2.5 miles of flat earth in the heart of the Mississippi delta region, Sunflower county! The better question is: what was I doing in Ruleville?
New Jersey State Slogans (We ain't perfect togetha!)
The acting governor didn't like the state slogan anymore so he let us, the citizens, decide. BIG mistake! I came up with a few as well as a new mascot & a limerick while I was creatively inclined.
Training Success! (P B/R me, ASAP)
Back in May I started training in earnest using to defy Oldification (See C.R.A.P.) below and set a Personal Best/Record in the 5K. Here's the story & some pictures.
Fantasy Football Fever!
I'm out of control this year. Really. I love it. This the Early-In-The-Year-Report when I'm kicking ass... stay tuned for my season-end wrap-up to see just how bad I've jinxed myself by blogging this!
I Popped "The Question" and she said "Yes!"
On Saturday September 3rd, I knelt and asked... and the photographers had a field day.
S.I.P. Henry Herman Harvey
Our Goldfish has passed on, but he wasn't just any goldfish. He was a Big Fish! This entry is En Memoriam for our little "Pucker".
Eleven Thousand and going strong!
July 6th, 2005 is my 11,000th day on this earth (and other useless numbers). Numerology anyone?
We're poisoning the children!
What do you get when you drum health-club commercials into the mushy brain of an impressionable youth (besides anorexic kids)?
Aging out of a demographic
Ok, so with all of the "Birthday" C.R.A.P. behind me (see below), I figured I'd post the Audio/Visual here. If nothing else, watch the live "Oldification" camera shot where you can actually see me turn *shudder* 30.
Continually Recurring Affirmation Period (Or C.R.A.P. for short)
It seems like every year a big to-do is made about people's birthdays - a celebration of getting older and putting yet another foot (how many do we have?) into the grave. Enough is enough! Let us begin celebrating LIFE! Rather than the regression towards DEATH!
The Big Cleanup! - A comedy in 3 acts.
It's spring cleaning time in Glenwood Apartments and I'm apparently the only one who cares. This is an essay on Nature (Both the Mother & the Human variety) and how it reacts to Litter.
Things I've found under my skin! (Or: how not to dump your bike)
Just for the gag factor, a short story about me, my bike and a chunk of glass that I carried around for the better part of a year.
Mr. Canner's home on my homepage.
Just a short informational piece I did on how to mess-up your email address to avoid spam when posting to newsgroups, blogs & guestbooks. A must read for the terminally bored (or spammed).
ONE is the loneliest number...
When the Philadelphia Eagles got to the playoffs, the team adopted the "One" mentality: One City, One Team, One goal. It's presumed that the one goal is a championship. Aside from being a fairly bad promotion all in all (What about the OTHER Philly teams?), it's really tragic now that they've lost the superbowl. Makes me want cry really. One truly is the loneliest number.
Skid In Sideways?
Have you seen that email signature/quote that hints that ones goal in life should be to enter the big sleep in a sideways fashion screaming about Yahoo? Well it goes something like that and it cheeses me off.
A sandwich just isn't a sandwich...
Without the tangy zip of ... blah blah. Feh! This is not a sandwich the way I make it, and by golly after several years of a simple bologna sandwich in my lunch, I know a thing or two about ... well, simple bologna sandwiches. Here's all the knowledge of my years rolled into a single webpage.