Monthly Archives: February 2006

Eric’s Favorites Photos Site Update

I know, they’re already posted over in the Photo Gallery, but I wanted to post a few of them here too because A) I want to show them off and B) I want to play with some fun javascript that I’ve recently come across on the vastness of internetspace. Hover over the images for some image information and Click the images to make them BIGGER! (click again to shrink them back down)

New York City Rooftops - Motorola Camera Phone

Flowering Colors - Canon Digital

A Super Sunset in California - Canon Digital

I have more description of the images above, and about a dozen more in the new “Favorites” gallery. For photography buffs, I don’t record the f-stops or shutter speed when working with my 35mm, say sorry. For the recent digitals, the EXIF data is available for your viewing. As for the funky javascript, you my faithful readers (ha!) will seeing more of it.