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Yeah, not much time for writing these days. I’m spending as much time as I can unpacking and reorganizing the house. I’m also spending as much time as I can avoiding unpacking and reorganizing the house! This “chronadox”  leaves me with no time (apparently) to get anything finished.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did spend most of Saturday building The Grill. Sunday of course then had to be Test The Grill Day. I didn’t really have a choice as you can see! Despite my procrastination efforts (and it is an effort) the house is coming along slowly. I’ll post pictures one day.

The cats are still at odds though perhaps to a lesser degree. With the cooler weather we’ve torn open the shutters and thrown up the sashes and the cats (all of which were outside cats at one point) can’t get enough of sitting on a window sill and starting at … whatever it is that cats stare at when they look at nothing. One day they’ll get to go and explore the great outdoors but we’re not quite to that point yet. They haven’t even explored the entire INSIDE of the house!

The biggest news of the week is Heather’s new job. I wont spoil her fun of telling everyone so you’ll have to call her and ask if you want more information ASAP.

That’s about it for The News from Treasure Lake. Running? Geocaching? Football? Not enough time for everything. Not even for blogging! On the upside, I’m too busy for cluster headaches – the’ve all but subsided. Yay! Until next time… gotta go!

Homeowner! New HouseNews

It’s done! I’ve been offline packing/cleaning/painting/packing/cleaning & consoling scared kitties for nearly two weeks so I apologize for the tardiness of this post but it was necessary believe-you-me. Here’s the summary:

Because we’ve had so many close calls with closings we really didn’t start packing until we finally closed. That happened on Tuesday September 4th. The sellers, the buyers & their respective attorneys & realtors all gathered around a big able and signed papers at each other. All told I siggied 39 times and just like that (over an hour) I became a homeowner!

And then came the insane packing blitz. We had only 3 and a half days to completely paint 5 ceilings & 4 rooms (after spackling over and sand any holes/cracks), clean 6 dozen cabinets/drawers/closet shelves, wipe down every flat surface, vacuum the non-flat surfaces (including the interior walls), and steam-clean 3 carpets. Whew! Oh, and then there’s a 7 room apartment to pack, 3 more rugs to clean, a several dozen chunks of hardware to remove from the walls (and then spackle over), a porch full of garden & a trio of cats that need consoling. Yeah, we didn’t have enough time.

The actual moving day went fairly smooth like. The movers showed up, loaded stuff, left unpacked stuff, drove truck, unloaded stuff & broke very little. The unpacking is going slowly but we’re taking it one room at a time and spending most of this week just getting the apartment broom-swept clean so we can get our security deposit returned in one piece. After all the work we put into the apartment if they try to keep one red cent of that deposit so help me I’ll knock the fridge off-level, rip the lighting fixture out of the bathroom, break down the shelf in the kitchen, tear out the insulation from the attic, insert a ton of staples into the floor, a handful of nails into the porch & a bunch of pubic hairs into the paint. That way we’d be leaving the place JUST AS WE FOUND IT. That’d show’m.

Ok, that’s enough typing for now. I’m writing this at work because our internet hasn’t been turned on yet. I’ll write more when I can!