New Home – Pictures & Dollars New House

First, I’m proud to say that I finally uploaded some dang pictures. Not sure why I waited so long except that I didn’t have the uploader utility installed. 🙂 That’ s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. See pictures here:

Click on the appropriate album and enjoy!

Secondly, I wrote my first check towards the mortgage today. Big Check. Gunna do it for the next 23 years apparently. What? How’d I get a 23 year mortgage? I didn’t! I simply rounded the amount I owed up to the next even thousand. It’s 9% more than what I would have been paying but it chops 7 years and over 75 thousand dollars off of the total that I will have spent over that period. If I choose to also make an extra payment with the year end tax refund I’ll most certainly be getting the loan will be shortened an ADDITIONAL 5 years and I’ll be saving $116,395 over the term. The bank will absolutely hate me and that’s fine. I want them to hate me and sell my loan every other month if it makes them feel better. Know what makes me feel better? One Hundred Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred & Ninety-five dollars. And Seven Cents. I’ll be 50 years old before I get to laugh all the way to the bank with my final payment if this plan stands. 18 years is a long long time to live in one home but you never know. One thing I do know is that I plan on doing a good deal of damage to the principle of this loan over the next few years. There’s an old tradition of displaying an eagle on a home you own. I can’t wait for the day that walk out of the bank, still laughing, and stroll over to the corner Iron Eagle store. I already have a spot picked out on the house. Until that time I’ll be pouring every cent I have (that’s earning less than 6.8%) directly into the house and I’ll have it paid off before I’m 50. You can bank on that.

Excel spreadsheet to show interest savings

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