Monthly Archives: January 2011

Near Miss News

Pictures tell the story. Thursday January 28th. I awake to find yet another foot and a half of snow has fallen. The trees were just sagging under the weight. I noticed we lost a few good sized branches from the twin pines. One crushed the thermometer hanging on the tree. The sheer weight of the snow was too much for the flagpole too. It bent down until the flag touched the ground. Then I saw my car.

The monster branch (about 6 inches across at it’s thickest and weighing 60+ pounds laden with snush) fell about 20 before landing right where we normally park during “snow episodes”. For some reason I pulled right in behind Heather that day. Probably saved myself a repair bill too. My whole yard is nothing but shattered pine. My whole driveway is surrounded by walls of snow. In two days it is Groundhogs Day and I’m thinking of macing the little guy just so he can’t see his shadow and give me another six weeks of this crap. Come on Spring! Come early! Do it for the Trees – they obviously can’t take much more snow!

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