More Mailbox Mayhem Eric Dalton

It has been a while since I shared the contents of my “Other Eric Dalton’s” spam folder. Much of it really isn’t spam and the past few weeks has seen a few real gems. Names, excepting mine, have been changed to protect the errant!

Of course, I continue to get invoices and quotes intended for E.D. of South Africa. Everything from industrial vacuums to boxes of paper to… Grease Nipples!

My namesake in Minneapolis is invited annually to a CBS Sports March Madness pool. As best I can tell… he has never won the pool… possibly because it is my address getting the invite? Phoenix Arizona E.D. was busy too… with a different kind of pool. He got a quote from North Star Pools for cleaning out and repairing his swimming pool. He’s one of the worst for giving my address to marketers.  It is nice to finally pinpoint a location. Now that I have his address I’ll send him a post card when I’m visiting.  Over the years he is probably responsible for:
North Star Pools (March 2017)
Desert Schools Federal Credit Union (March 2017)
P.F. Chang’s (February 2017)
Hughes Federal Credit Union (October 2015)
PetSmart (March 2015)
University of Phoenix (April Fools 2011)

But my FAVORITE of the week was this gem from my friends in Virginia:

I have no words to describe my feelings about this email. Until next time, stay classy!

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