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Hackers promote (or provoke) changes Site Update

This site has basically looked the same for the past 6 years since back when I mentioned some minor cosmetic changes that included displaying the post categories as icons.

The theme I chose at that time has not been updated in years and apparently the script kiddies found an exploit and managed to screw up the look of the site. I fixed the look easily enough but decided I should go with a more modern theme that will actually be patched/updated as idle hands find their way into the software.

To replace it I chose the most current and most ubiquitous “twentytwelve” theme, created a child theme to protect my customizations, and then proceeded to make a few minor modifications mostly removing all of the unnecessary white space. It looked Ok but lacked that personal touch. It still looked like the default vanilla WP theme. I needed my icons back!

There are a few WP plug-ins that do something similar to what I manually coded but they are either not working or old enough that I have to figure they’re adding yet another porthole that someone will try to reach through. So I re-wrote my version. It is now all just two lines of code (plus styling) but alas I had to update one of the vanilla theme files. This means that I’ll be too lazy to re-apply my changes when the theme is updated and I’ll eventually be hacked. However… if the theme lasts 6 years again I’ll be overdue for a refresh anyway and I can live with that. Maybe I’ll even get around to updating those icons that I promised I would change?

Nah. =]

w00t! Free money from Google! NewsSite Update

There actually is a grain of truth to those Google related spam traps. Big G just sent me a check for a little over $100. This is the amount that I’ve earned in the past 14 months since I signed up for Adsense – Google’s text based ads appear on a few of my pages and if anyone clicks them I get paid!

I hooked up with the free service StatCounter a bunch of years ago. They let me know which of my pages are the most popular as well as a slew of other stats regarding who’s visited, how many times, etc. What I learned was that 95% of my hits were to pages inside my Ego-Surfing cache. Once upon a time I used to collect references to myself that popped up on the net. It’s called “ego-surfing”. I created a page of all the funniest/most impressive links that reference someone named “Eric Dalton”. Years later I went back and noticed that many of the links had gone down and were gone forever so when I redid the page I saved the pages & put them in my Ego Link Cache.

As years went by the original pages vanished and MY version of the page became the only reference on the internet to a sometimes quite obscure topic (Sonoluminescence for example). At one point if you searched Yahoo for “gospel stage plays” I was the #1 link! Someone sharing my name had posted a message in a forum regarding “Madea’s Family Reunion” and other gospel stage plays by Tyler Perry. When the original forum went down my page became a top source of information on the topic. Cool! I never thought of using the cache that way, but I’m happy to provide a service, albeit a tiny one, to the www at large. The nice part is that if I put an ad on that page with links to related information the searchers have even more options. Even better – I get a few cents for every link clicked.

Over the months I included ads on 7 pages. The Tyler Perry information is my top draw and biggest earner but the quickest way to earn me a buck is to download one of Google’s software offerings from my referrals page. Thanks for reading, and thanks Adsense for giving something back to the little guy!

Google’s Adsense Program
Eric’s Referral Page

Minor cosmetic changes Site Update

You probably wont notice, but I changed the site in a primarily cosmetic fashion. The headers are more along the lines of my color scheme & each posting has category icons now. It’s all done through the style sheets & custom code to do the icon things. No plug-ins for me, man! Custom code all the way! I’ll eventually make better icons but for now I’ll do with what I have. Enjoy! Or don’t! Whatever!

Almost The End of an Era NewsSite Update

If you don’t touch your website on Geocities for a few ages they disable the account. I hadn’t touched My Original Website since the late 90s and it (finally) went disabled! Fortunately I somehow managed to remember my username and password and re-activated the site.

I realize now that I was really bummed about the site going down. At the time I was quite proud of my creation. I self-taught myself HTML before there were guides online or books in the stores. I created all of my own graphics from scratch pixel by pixel. More importantly, it was Mine. The worst part is that I realized I don’t have the site archived anywhere, Google doesn’t have it Cached any more and even the Wayback Machine doesn’t have a working copy. I thought it had really vanished for good this time.

Well, web historians needn’t worry because this scare has set me right. I’ll be archiving the site on the Ego Surfing page and my personal hard drive ASAP so that future generations shan’t be deprived of the worst website in the history of the World Wide Web!

Syndication? Site Update

How do you know I changed my site if I don’t let you know? Well, you can visit it every 10 minutes, call me and ask if I’ve changed it every 10 minutes OR you can subscribe to the RSS feed. For the uninitiated; RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is like email but you have to subscribe. Someone pushes an email your way. You choose to pull an RSS feed. Got it? Just like you need a program to read your emails, you need a program to fetch your RSS feeds. I use Thunderbird & the one built into Firefox, but if you really don’t want to have to run another browser or email related program just to receive 1 or 2 feeds a week, there’s another way. Why not Email an RSS feed automatically?

There’s lots of services out there that will convert your Blog’s RSS Feeds into email but they all have down sides. I’ve implemented a way for folks to receive emails of this site’s changes without giant [Brought to you by {Service}] branding, Attached ads!, Risk of being sold to sp@mmers or Monetary requirement$. What I setup was actually intended for cross-publishing to other blogs, but works just fine for syndication. It simply emails the content of the posting. No frills. No fees. I control who gets it. Simple.

Wanna subscribe? Drop me a line or comment and you’ll get an email every time I update the page.

Email: My Email Address

New Kinda News! NewsSite Update

I’ve been away from the website for a few months for several reasons. First and foremost I was tired of updating the site in the manor I had been. The two big downsides were the fact that I couldn’t update the site if I wasn’t at my home computer and what I call the Custom Code aspect. It wasn’t so bad really modifying dates, copying code around and so forth, but it was written in my own brand of custom HTML and in the day and age of blogging there are just better ways.

So, I’ve installed WordPress, themed & skinned it to vaguely resemble my main page and I’ll be dropping “news” tidbits in here. It should work nearly seamless like to the way it used to except that folks shall now be able to comment on my news and possibly brain-drippings.

I know… I sold out and installed a “package” to do most of my websmithing, but apparently the alternative was no updates. Which is the lesser evil?

I’ve also been gnarly busy. We’re trying to buy a house1. I’m enjoying the outdoors2. I’m training for my first 10k3. I’ve entered the Tour De Cache4. The Sopranos’ final season is upon us5. Like Kermit’s bedroom, I’m swamped!

Enough of this palaver. No excuses: More updates shall follow! Thanks for reading!


  1. I’ll write more on this quite soon []
  2. Perhaps a little too much. I lost my phone hiking in the Ramapo Reservation last week []
  3. That’s 10 Thousand Meters []
  4. I’m Geocaching in all 21 counties in New Jersey []
  5. Tony’s going down []