I'm in the crowd wearing my orange sweatshirt (circled below)

One last shot of the beautiful NY/NJ Hitmen Cheerleaders!

We miss ya XFL!

Goodbye, goodbye, dear XFL
Although vanquished, you battled well
For a brief moment, your grand alliance
Did shake its fist in glorious defiance
Against the chains of bland conformity
And thus I praise the sheer enormity
Of the service you have done
To resurrect the bump and run
Indebted always to the glorious gamble
Unique names on jerseys, the opening scramble
Complete camera coverage, all access allowed
Voluptuous cheerleaders, fully endowed
Perhaps in this case, the cure was the disease
No superrich contracts, no big guarantees
Although fatcats mock you, and cheer at your doom
I do believe destiny soon will exhume
Your corpse from the ashes, exalted, on high
And acknowledge what you were, a glorious try.

(possibly attributed to "yhsrebel" via ESPN message boards)
Flash animation copyright 2003. Some images and XFL Theme Music used without permission