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Happy Vets Day!
I love animals as much as the next guy, but I’m surprised they give a whole day to their medical professionals instead of those who fought in our wars. But I digress…

Today I was alerted by my magical inbox that Mr. Eric Dalton had registered a hotel room in Anaheim for 4 adults and two kids under twelve at the Travelodge on Disneyland Drive. A room there is only $89.99 a night and includes a continental breakfast for you and ENDLESS SPAM FOR ME FROM THE HELL TORMENTED GHOST OF WALTER ELIAS DISNEY!

Thanks for using my email address dude. If you do it again I’m calling the hotel and canceling the reservation. Maybe I’ll move it up a day so you still get charged. Too bad you wont know because the confirmation will be in my inbox. I’m sure you’ll have fun explaining it to the children and the other couple. Buahahahaha!

But seriously, every week someone signs me up for something new. There’s really nothing I can do about it beside grouse here. I guess I could cyberstalk the other Eric Dalton’s via the interwebs and waste much more time than I would have just cleaning out my inbox. Instead, I’ll try to see the humor in it and try to be funny. Maybe eventually one of them will reply and we can laugh about it. Hopefully they’ll use their real email address when they reply. Buahahahahahahahaha!

Disney Vacation

EDIT: I waited to publish this until after their stay then forgot it about for another month but I’m leaving the original publishing date so I don’t lose the Vets Day joke. Bua. Um, Ha.

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  1. Kathryn Dalton

    Just FYI in response to your Vets Day comment:
    Armed Forces Day May 17th
    Memorial Day May 26th
    D Day June 6th
    Flag Day (also the U.S. Army’s birthday) June 14th
    National POW/MIA Recognition Day Sept. 19th
    Gold Star Mother’s Day Sept. 28th
    VETERANS DAY Nov. 11th
    Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Dec. 7th
    (I think we need like 50 more military holidays added to the calendar–what do you think?)

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