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NJ Counties
Since I last posted my Geocaching update I’ve nearly finished the tour of 21 counties.

5/27/2007 – Essex has fallen! (South Mountain Reservation)
5/29/2007 – Union is no more thanks to the Wachung Reservation.
6/03/2007 – Passaic has been conquered. (High Mountain)
6/10/2007 – Cumberland has been assimilated. (Union Lake)
6/10/2007 – Gloucester has fallen into The Blue Hole.

This week I’ll be finishing off Ocean County and visiting the house we’re trying to buy in Jackson all in one fell swoop.

Here’s the official link to my Tour De Cache log page so you can follow along with all the exciting action!

After this I’m going to go for all 50 states, then every country, then every continent! Ok, maybe not. What I’ll probably do is take a long vacation… one that doesn’t have me driving all over the state in holiday/weekend traffic. 🙂

Ocean Country here I Come!

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