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How do you know I changed my site if I don’t let you know? Well, you can visit it every 10 minutes, call me and ask if I’ve changed it every 10 minutes OR you can subscribe to the RSS feed. For the uninitiated; RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is like email but you have to subscribe. Someone pushes an email your way. You choose to pull an RSS feed. Got it? Just like you need a program to read your emails, you need a program to fetch your RSS feeds. I use Thunderbird & the one built into Firefox, but if you really don’t want to have to run another browser or email related program just to receive 1 or 2 feeds a week, there’s another way. Why not Email an RSS feed automatically?

There’s lots of services out there that will convert your Blog’s RSS Feeds into email but they all have down sides. I’ve implemented a way for folks to receive emails of this site’s changes without giant [Brought to you by {Service}] branding, Attached ads!, Risk of being sold to sp@mmers or Monetary requirement$. What I setup was actually intended for cross-publishing to other blogs, but works just fine for syndication. It simply emails the content of the posting. No frills. No fees. I control who gets it. Simple.

Wanna subscribe? Drop me a line or comment and you’ll get an email every time I update the page.

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