Almost The End of an Era NewsSite Update

If you don’t touch your website on Geocities for a few ages they disable the account. I hadn’t touched My Original Website since the late 90s and it (finally) went disabled! Fortunately I somehow managed to remember my username and password and re-activated the site.

I realize now that I was really bummed about the site going down. At the time I was quite proud of my creation. I self-taught myself HTML before there were guides online or books in the stores. I created all of my own graphics from scratch pixel by pixel. More importantly, it was Mine. The worst part is that I realized I don’t have the site archived anywhere, Google doesn’t have it Cached any more and even the Wayback Machine doesn’t have a working copy. I thought it had really vanished for good this time.

Well, web historians needn’t worry because this scare has set me right. I’ll be archiving the site on the Ego Surfing page and my personal hard drive ASAP so that future generations shan’t be deprived of the worst website in the history of the World Wide Web!

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